Robotic applications store

RAPP platform ( is designed to allow easy development and hosting of applications for robots: it allows 3rd party developers to easily build apps using either Python, Node.JS or C++ in a manner which doesn’t require them to be experts in robotics or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Furthermore, in order to allow for easier development, it supports all those languages in a form of an open-source API.

Last but not least, it allows applications to be built on the cloud store, and then shared with registered robot users (end-users) who can download them and execute them.

Application areas that RAPP can be used includes elderly care, healthcare and caregiving in general, agricultural robotics, service industries, public administration sector, industrial applications, drones and UAVs. We’re also currently exploring hobby applications and possibilities where RAPP can be used in small UAV for a variety of security applications. Ergo, when a robot or drone is involved and a degree of autonomy is required, RAPP can be used for fast and easy development of apps.

Visit, sign in, read the docs and build your own application or download an existing robotic application.