Location based services

Our in-house invested project Ortelio enables companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to explore, define and deploy new business models on location based services. To achieve this we offer our in-house developed generic cloud based location service architecture that is capable of providing personalised services to “entities” such as human users, internet-of-things sensors and devices, robotic assistants and virtual entities, and can be applied in several domains and application contexts.

In IoT and robotics area, our service enables different types of devices to communicate and learn from each other in an intelligent cloud environment. It achieves this by permitting applications that run in these devices to access the cloud’s collective intelligence.

Historically, our first application domain was this of internet and web advertising. Current business models assume one can embed advertising into the original web content at source. Ortelio adds advertising to web content at the point of delivery using its cloud infrastructure. By doing this, Ortelio guarantees the relevancy of the ads for the user, while enabling multiple sales of the same online advertising space to different businesses in different localities. Ortelio can identify and track all internet users in a locality and feed them with advertising messages independently of the web content they are viewing. Ortelio can target ads based on user location information as it is recorded and stored by the user’s ISP, or as it is provided by the user’s mobile devices making it accurate in all cases, down to neighborhood level.

In the internet advertising domain, Ortelio benefits for all parties include:

  • For internet users, it matches customer-defined global content married to local, relevant advertising.
  • For web sites, it enhances the relevance and quality of ads, increasing advertising rates and advertising income. It enables larger sites to utilize unsold inventory and smaller sites to start selling ad space.
  • For small businesses, it enables them to start advertising on the internet and effectively reach their local customers.
  • For large advertisers, it serves to reinforce the essentially “local” nature of the web and enables them to achieve precision targeting and outstanding ROI.
  • For media buyers, it enables them to tap into a new market – local online advertising.
  • For ISPs, it gives them a new lucrative source of income, enhancing their subscribers’ experience at the same time.

We are now working towards extending our platform using blockchain technologies to enhance our location based advertising. Almost $30 billion is expected to pour into the location based advertising industry by 2020, a 24.6% annual growth rate from 2015’s $9.8 billion according to BIA Kelsey. However, still this industry faces many challenges with most of them having to do with privacy (GPS-based ads targeting, personalisation). Blockchain technologies will help to drive transparency in location-based advertising, providing better reach for local businesses and offering customers a better deal in exchange. If you want to learn more about our Ortelio Blockchain online advertising initiative, please send us an email at: info@noosware.com.

Currently we are also exploring possibilities to offer bespoke solutions for factory shopfloor operations, emergency management, in-vehicle assistants, and gaming.