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Noosware is a research focused company, working on cloud applications. We aspire to do things that have not been done before. By anyone.

To achieve this, we work together with developers and users of technologies, and co-create solutions with a great potential to enter the market. We believe in open innovation, user and citizen engagement, and participatory action research. We strive to identify concrete value propositions for specific target groups, and build innovative business models that turn value into revenues.

We work along the whole chain of research activities from needs discovery, scientific discovery, technology development, demonstration and validation as well as business model development, project financing and the creation of appropriate framework conditions for adoption.

We also believe in the words of Thomas Edison, that success comes with “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. We are there to work, and not just to advise.

So if you want to do things, and have a vision to share, let’s work together.

Our services

AI cloud services

Noos is a revolutionary AI cloud service, providing centralised intelligence to devices (IoT, robots) that are connected to it. Noos is a highly scalable service, which greatly reduces IoT and robotic development and deployment costs.

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Robotic applications store

Our robotic applications platform supports the creation and delivery of applications for different types of robots giving the ability to software developers to use high level commands to access the robot’s sensors and actuators.

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Noos Open for logistics

Noos Open is an open source orchestrator for fleets of robots in warehouses. It includes a no-code management dashboard, and can connect to any Warehouse Management System with an open API.

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Business Ecosystem Dynamics

We use Value Network Analysis to analyse, evaluate and model the interactions of actors in a business ecosystem. This enables us to understand how tangible and intangible assets are converted into value, and how value is created.

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Cloud services for PAs

We have developed and successfully deployed a search engine platform specifically for open government data. Ultraclarity is a next generation open data portal containing a set of tools to facilitate transparency of government data.

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Location based services

We provide location based services through our Ortelio™ platform. We are now working towards a decentralised  approach (blockchain) on location ads to better align the interests of those being targeted and those doing the targeting.

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We offer a crowdsourcing platform to support the generation of innovative ideas from different groups of individuals, and in parallel to stimulate dialogue and discussion among all parties involved in the process.

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Web archiving

We offer Webternity, an exciting system to harvest, preserve, manage and reuse web content. The system is performing intelligent harvesting operation which retrieves and parses hypertext as well as all other associated content.

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"Success comes with 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."

Thomas Edison

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